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Pneumatic-driving DC LVDT position sensor

Pneumatic-driving DC LVDT position sensor
Product name:Pneumatic-driving DC LVDT position sensor
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The DC-LVDT performs excellently from a single-ended 9-28 DC power supply, output standard signal of 0-5 DC or 4-20 mA to be identified by computer or PLC. The integrated circuit is hermetically sealed in SUS 304 stainless steel sleeve, ensure that the sensors keep working accurately and reliably in severe environment of damp, dust and corrosion. 

SUS 304, Pneumatic driving.
  l  Operated from single-ended, 9-28 VDC supplybuilt-in excellent signal demodulator
  l  Output voltage 0-5V or 0-10V(3 wire), output current 4-20 mA (2 wire)
  l  Standard range from 0mm-15mm, high resolution, excellent repeatability
  l  Contactless operationlong life.

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