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China manufacturing industry is to high-end development

Author: Date:2011-11-5 11:41:57
Zoomlion heavy division 30 pump truck exported to Japan, China manufacturing industry is to high-end development

29 September morning, Zoomlion heavy sign contract of supplying 30 pump trucks with Japanese company Jinjue. At the same time, Zoomlion heavy division announced plans in 2012 on the form of joint venture or wholly in Japan set up production bases. According to introducing, Zoomlion heavy families to enter in manufacturing capacity is known for Japan, first opened China construction machinery products has been exported to Japan precedent. We can see its product manufacturing ability and level has been Japanese recognized, in domestic engineering JiXieYe landmark.

The signing of the export Japan 30 pump truck, Zoomlion is heavy, master the world advanced concrete thorough mechanical product design idea, safety concept and technology level requirements, the successful development of a accord with national technology standard developed high-tech product, carry on Mercedes Actros 3341 6 x 4 chassis, the whole structure design science, use pumping flexible control technology and unique arm frame flexible control technology, through the rigorous test and debug, carloads of high equipment to ensure the products high reliability, has reached the world first-class level.

Zoomlion heavy division announced plans in 2012 will be in the form of joint venture or wholly to establish production bases in Japan, covers the production, research and development, spare parts purchasing in one of the localization manufacturing. In addition, Zoomlion heavy division still in Japan will establish perfect after-sale service system and marketing system, improve Zoomlion heavy families in Japan market product quality, service quality and reputation, let Zoomlion heavy families as Japan's concrete JiXieBeng send industry leader.

As is known to all, Japan is the world's established manufacturing power, its engineering machinery products in global occupy an important position. Not only that, the Japanese domestic market implementation protection, to enter Japan market products quality request nearly demanding-which is China construction machinery has entered the European and American market and almost no into the cause of the Japanese market. See not hard, the heavy, Zoomlion pump truck batch export to Japan to explain adequately Zoomlion heavy department in technology has with the international advanced level, and is the overall international high-end blew engineering machinery market horn.

Experts think, Japan this in the short period can quickly decided to purchase Zoomlion heavy division 30 platform concrete pump truck, proving once again Zoomlion heavy section has been really have to global high-end market expansion technique and craft level, also marks China's concrete machinery field exported to Japan to realize a real breakthrough, as China construction machinery industry, and even Chinese enterprise to enter Japan market explores a international development way.

At present, China construction machinery industry in the country under the influence of investment pull policy, the enterprise continuously to expand capacity, along with the national policy adjustment, the excess capacity has been unable to avoid. Mining the international market, the way of internationalization way is domestic enterprise inevitable choice, but this time, Zoomlion leave in heavy and the forefront of the industry. Visible, exported to Japan is only Zoomlion has been carefully, heavy cloth the son "global market" grand game one of the pieces, also can saying is Zoomlion heavy families "global market" of a miniature, Zoomlion heavy secco unique "fusion innovation, and global market" internationalization strategy in this conference first clearly surface.

It is reported, "integrated innovation, and global market" this strategy is the core content of, Zoomlion heavy families through the integration of global resources, and to establish a heavy, Zoomlion product development and market development of global purchasing system, has the core technology and independent intellectual property rights, foster international business management personnel, form, Zoomlion heavy to competitive advantage; Through the purchase of the domestic and foreign enterprises, the business department of the integration of production, the development of overseas agent, finance lease, and overseas acquisitions, establish global manufacturing, sales and after-sales service system, committed to the after-sales service and spare parts supply other localization, formulated the compliance with local actual sales and service market strategy; Blend in native culture, and gradually form design, production, sales, a three-dimensional management pattern, enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise. Thus makes the internationalization the brand, and eventually as a truly global operating companies.

General public opinion is that the model is Zoomlion heavy according to national macro economy, development strategy planning and development of the socialist market economy status, and combined with enterprise's development of 19 years summary, proposed Zoomlion has heavy families characteristics, a new mode of is accustomed to all of the profound industry pattern subversive.

Experts say, Zoomlion heavy this mode, is actually through the successful purchase global leading technology and enterprise, from the international most advanced key technology, in the industry supply, management, brand operation and so on the value chain link to meet the market and the demand of the consumers as the core, the weight of the innovation, Zoomlion into the system, and realize the innovation of the independent innovation strategic business model. Again through the innovation technology products to the global market, greatly shorten the heavy, Zoomlion capture the international high-end engineering machinery time to market, accelerate the development of the internationalization of Zoomlion heavy families.