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Magnetostrictive sensor wiring method and common fault handling

Author:iTarget sensors Date:2011-9-21 23:03:36
The load of the output voltage and current is not the same, the voltage of the load resistance requirements the bigger the better, generally do not less than 1000 Ω, too small is equivalent to a short circuit, will damage product. The current load is to require the resistance smaller may be better, generally do not more than 1000 Ω, too big is equivalent to the open circuit, no current flow. So the output for current load and voltage is not the same, and must note: voltage output, load can't short circuit, otherwise it will cause the load too big, and burned circuit. When the output current, load can't open circuit, or it will make load increase and burned circuit. The two points must be clear. As for the output voltage and current output, for the machines final usage are the same, and the output voltage directly with voltage signal, current signal through resistance, have voltage, is also taking voltage signal. Magnetostrictive displacement sensor (iTarget Sensors M series) installation wiring: the feet to the voltage of the magnetic wave can accept, can use 12 V ~ 36 V power, of course, stable power supply power to the precision of the products or more good, but still want to take some of electrostatic measures. In addition to circuit board internal taken a lot of measures outside, transmission lines have shielded wire (double screen: knitting nets and tin packet layer, high and low frequency interference can be resistance), and grounding terminals, must assure reliable grounding (fight electrostatic interference). The above several measures are necessary.
In some case, customers may know their old products is current model or voltage type, but don't know how to install iTarget Sensors after order. For example, the old voltage type have five lines, or even seven lines. But we only have four(power +,-,signal lines, ground), generally brown or red is positive pole, blue or black is negative pole, can use multimeter test voltage value between positive pole and negative pole, if not sure, it can be put a resistance of 1000 Ω between positive and negative, measure the voltage for resistance, once find out positive and negative pole, use positive pole to short circuit the rest few lines respectively, and see whether computer display stable maximum value, if it is, use negative pole to short-circuit that line, and see whether computer display stable minimum value, if it is, this is signal line. Then you find out +,-,and signal lines. If the signal is very difficult to determine, the above method doesn't work, may be the sensor's power and the power of a computer is not in ground, so have no a benchmark, the sensor power relative computer power is floating voltage. Therefore, sensor negative  must connect with computer negative pole. The above problem  will solve. Don't need to connect the other few lines, just tied up with electrical tape.
If is the current model output sensor, can not use above method. Because current model output load can't open, otherwise, easy to overload and damage sensor. For three wire output sensor, should first put a resistance of 1000 Ω between anode and negative pole, in order to avoid overload when wrong operation. In advance clear are aligned, make sensors are aligned wiring, connect signal lines and the rest  few lines, see whether stable short-circuit display. If yes, can determine the wiring of signal lines. And then in power, take short of the original meet resistance, take good line, and then you can begin. Pay attention to signal lines must not open. For the transmission distance is long, but the computer have need voltage output signal, can choose the output signal transmission, and the current computer again to edge will convert current signal voltage signal, the method is very simple, need to be in power output and cathode-ray access a standard is the quality of the resistance. Because magnetostrictive displacement sensor principle, from mechanical speaking, for it is no contact, no wearing, so few chances of failure, unless they can fall off, mechanical damage, it is easy to judge from appearance. If the oil cylinder is installed inside, they can suddenly fall off, show value will not change. If is down a long fall off, when power on the boot in electronic warehouse near like the one they can appear, namely: is logic feet will appear minimum display Numbers, negative logic feet will be the biggest show value. If be removable electronic warehouse type, can be simply get off, electronic warehouse charged with a test they can can. From electrical speaking, there is the possibility of problems. The company in order to avoid electrical problems, as a lot of work, such as: the choice of power consumption is small components make power consumption is small, such as current consumption only 16 mA, the actual power only less than 0.4 W, so it won't make components fever, aging and damage; And the company, the company through advanced process all kinds of problems, the other customer service in the product after the harsh environment test and mechanical test, which conform to the requirements. Should be in the general conditions of use and environment without problems. There could be problems, such as: data transmission will not run, packages not to install success, connection error, signal size direction wrong, electrostatic interference is not effective grounding, current model output will not wiring, or original is two line and our product is made of three lines