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Magnetostrictive linear position sensor application in injection machine

Author:iTarget Sensors Date:2011-9-27 22:16:46
Magnetostrictive linear position sensor (transducer), In order to increase control precision for production process in industrial application, more and more users choose analog position-control product. User can easily optimize production process, secure product quality and reduce cost and risk of malfunction. That's why linear position sensor (linear position transducer) develop rapidly, from potentiometer to magnetostrictive.

iTarget Sensors' technologies and quality for Magnetostrictive sensor is in leading position, provide analog, SSI, Profibus, absolute signal. Because of having many visible advantages, magnetostrictive sensor  can be used in many fields for linear control and measurement, for example, injection machine, blend machine, rubber machine, packaging machine, and hydraulic power station discharge gate RTU. 

Linear position transducer application in injection machine
Injection machine's operation theory is using thermoplastic, make plastics heat up and flow, then inject into mold by high speed and pressure, after process of pressure maintaining, cooling and solidification, mold open controlled by mold control system, then finish product is eject by Pin ejection. This is cycle process, above process repeat in next product injection. 
In process, there are some steps need accurately position, lock & open mold, axis movement, injection and ejection. Linear position control is vital for quality of finish goods. From past few years, the trend is that more and more injection machine manufacturers and users know position control system is very important for quality. The old automation system is replace by new digital control system, because new digital control system not only increase precision but also feedback speed, and nowadays, it's stantard in industry. In past years, potentiometer sensor was used mostly in injection molding machines because of its low cost, but as coins has two sides, potentiometer sensor is contacted with tool, it is weared after some time, which result in precision, liability, stability and life time. So, non-contact, non-wear, sturdy and durable is trend technology, magnetostrictive sensor is the best choice from this point of view.