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Question: How long warranty is for sensors?
Answer   : All iTarget sensors have at least 12-month warranty
, potentiometric sensors extend to 24 months. All products are checked by trained workers before shipping, and thousands of products are successfully using in many industries. iTarget Sensors quality is secured.

Question: How do I return unqualified products, and how do you handle repairing products?
Answer   : Please refer to "Terms and Conditions of Use", you can contact your local distributors or us to handle repairing products. You will get feedback from us within 24 hours.

Question: How do I place order? and what's your payment terms?
Answer   : Step 1, to tell us what items you need in writing. Step 2, final quotation with detail specs is sent to you, please sign it and send back to us.  Step 3, to arrange payment, 2 or 3 payments for each order is accept. Step 4, Ship your products. We accept Paypal for below USD1000 payment in order to save bank charges. For payment terms, please refer to "Terms and Conditions of Use".

Question:  Will you provide free sample for test?
Answer   :  No, we don't provide free sample. We accept Paypal for sample fee, if your samples don't pass test, or you don't want it, please return products to us, 100% money back! 

Question:  What's lead time for my order? 
Answer   :  It depends on quantity and what kind of products you order, usually it takes 7 days for no less than 10 pieces standard products.  

Question: Do you have plan of developing new distributors?
Answer   : Yes, it is not by chance that we are one of the fastest growing companies in the field, it is also no doubt that we can provide you quality products and excellent service support. We have successful experience of development China market, and are recognized and awarded by many fastidious customers. In order to expand win-win business, we are looking for more worldwide, qualified distributors. Basically one or two distributors are authored in one country or region, depending on size and market of the country or region. Want to know if iTarget Sensors are selling in your region? Please check with us.


 -Good knowledge in the sensor market, such as selling or  have good contacts need 
   linear position/displacement sensor, linear transducer,linear ruler, linear guage,potentiometer,      potentiometric sensor, magnetostrictive sensor, liquid level sensor, water level sensor,       
   hydraulic position sensor, cylinder sensor, resistance ruler, draw wire sensor, transmitter,  LVDT etc. 

 -Successful sales experience and sales network                                                                              
 -Acquisition of new customers
 -Established clientele
 -Negotiation skills
 -Good Englisch in writing and oral

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