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iTarget Sensors co. ltd is a creative enterprise dedicated to developing high level sensors and measurement technology and corresponding products. Our company have domestic top engineers for sensors design, develop and test. And most of R & D engineers have doctor and master degree, with over 10 year’s working experience in this field. They are creating top and reliable products, relying on the first class expertise and innovative sprite for perfection.
iTarget Sensors is a young and energetic company with many-year experience in this line. Formerly it was called JY Sensors, established in 2003 by JY Li. After its establishment, it has committed to providing good quality sensor to customers in different lines and obtained good reputation. In 2010, the international team was formed to face global customers, taking the task of bringing high quality and reliable sensors and better service to global customers.
Our company keeps close cooperation with Zhejiang University ranked within top 5 to ensure continuous creation for research more new products. In recent years, our company has exploited a variety of high level products, whose performance has reached advanced level in the same line. The core products are: LVDT Sensor, Magnetostrictive Sensors, Potentiometers, Draw Wire transducers, and Pressure sensor, Pressure Transmitters.
Currently, our products have been applied to metallurgy, petrochemical, engineering, automobile, port machinery, high speed lines, wind power and construction material, etc, and gain the trust of customers,
and provide customized solution of measurement and position control to customers.